Dreamboarding is a fun interactive class where you can allow yourself to “Dream Big!”

In this class you will use a poster or canvas and create a dream board, that is a type of collage.

A Dreamboard is like a “first step or act of faith” if you will.  Remember God called Abraham outside to “see” the stars, because it was important for him to “see and believe.”  Come cultivate your creativity and create a dream or vision board that can be as elaborate or simple as you like. 

Dreams can be as simple as organizing your closets or starting a garden, or as huge as running for President and anywhere in between. Each dream board will be as unique and different, just as we are all so uniquely different. 

Dream Examples:

Dream: To own a house

(Collect photos of your dream house, etc)

Dream: To open a bakery 

(Collect photos of the types of pastries you want to bake and sell.)

Dream: To write a book

(Collect photos and words about your story)

Dream: To be a Mom

(Collect photos of pregnancy, children, nurseries, etc)

Supplies needed:

Glue sticks
Optional: Motivational Quotes, Sayings or Scripture Verses (related to dreaming, vision, plans and purpose)
The idea is to collect inspirational pictures, words, sayings that you love

The only requirement for this class, is to come & have fun! Everyone can participate from young to old. No matter the age, there is creativity & dreams inside... Make your collage, pray &  watch them come alive! 


If you have a dreamboarding testimonial, I would love to hear it! Please send me a message.